Public Safety – Fire – Emergency Services - Police

Our solutions for the Public Safety organizations evolve of products and systems that apply to the mission purpose, make sense, produce efficiency, support the communication culture and in the end – save lives and secure property. Our solutions will stand the test of time, even in the most difficult operation conditions.

Military and Border Guard

Solutions for efficient command and communication for a successful mission. From the network centric systems and remote location connections to nearfield terminals and systems. We are specialized in interoperability and Radio-over-IP solutions. Bandercom is proud to be a system provider and supplier for the Finnish Defence Forces.

High Profile Products and Systems

Solutions for Authorities are based on high profile products and systems, such as:

  • TETRA –terminals, gateways and datamodems.
  • Audio accessories; tactical, overt, covert and special audio interfacing products
  • VHF-UHF radios, systems and accessories
  • HF –transceivers, radios and systems
  • Mission specific requirements (HazMat/CBRN, Atex)
  • Interoperability and interfacing gateway products (e.g. VHF to TETRA).
  • Mobile and Tactical Command
  • Fall Back Networks
  • Satellite Backbone Systems


Our Solutions portfolio for the Maritime sector is offered to Authorities and private sector, including engineering companies, shipyards, off shore rigs and Navy, Border Guard and SAR-operation parties.

Integration of maritime sensors to one distributed communication and information system. Bandercom’s Maritime Communication System offers state of the art technology for flexible integration into existing systems or for new to build systems.

The system provides HF, VHF, LMR, Satcom Communications, DSC and NAVTEX, Message handling, Video, Radar, Underwater sensors, GIS and/or Database Interrogation.

Bandercom – with the network of subcontractors and affiliates and partners - can provide a turn-key solution including transmitters, receivers, antennas, other sensors and equipment remote control.

  • On-Board communication systems (UHF, Talk Back, etc)
  • Multiband In-Ship Coverage solutions (UHF, TETRA, WiFi, etc)
  • Coastal Stations and Port Communication systems
  • VTS- Radio System
  • On-Board GSM -terminals
  • GSM –sub-networks and in-ship coverage solutions
  • Dect – and intercom systems
  • VHF/MF/HF –transceivers and systems
  • On-board WiFi