Communication solutions for aviation

We offer efficient aviation solutions for planes and ground stations and services from network-centric systems to nearfield terminals and systems operating over various frequency ranges. We offer efficient aviation solutions for planes and ground stations and services from network-centric systems to nearfield terminals and systems operating over various frequency ranges. We also provide radio-over-IP and interoperability solutions for connecting different network types to one another.

Bandercom wireless solutions:

  • Aviation radio systems (air-to-ground and ground-to-air communications)
  • TETRA base stations and systems, DMO gateways, repeaters
  • TETRA/VIRVE terminals, modems
  • audio system accessories, hearing protection and aviation headsets, special products
  • VHF and UHF radio systems and related accessories for challenging operations
  • special accessories (such as HAZMAT and ATEX)
  • interoperability products for external systems (TETRA, Air Band, Inmarsat, GSM and PSTN network integration) and internal communication networks
  • C2 mobile command centers and backup network systems (mobile TETRA network)
  • alarm transfer systems
  • satellite backbone devices
  • Transport and logistics solutions

    Bandercom’s wireless communication solutions for the logistics sector generate added value for companies for which scheduling, fleet and work management and communications are the key to success. By managing status information efficiently and by integrating it into their communications technology, companies can develop their logistics, reduce their costs and boost their profits.

    With our communication systems, your drivers and transport coordinators can work efficiently, and you can improve your customer services and ensure that your operations meet regulatory requirements.

    We have extensive experience in logistics and communications technology. Through our cutting-edge radio communication expertise, we help our customers to boost their customer satisfaction and ensure that their solution investment pays off.

    Our transport and logistics solutions:

  • radiophone systems and terminals
  • navigation and positioning systems like AVL systems
  • Different radio phone ystem integrations
  • IP-based communication solutions
  • GSM connections and PoC solutions
  • Communication solutions for industry

    We have supplied two-way radio systems to various industrial facilities and industrial services both in Finland and abroad. From us, you can order a single spare part or radio phone or an entire turn-key delivery, complete with maintenance services. Not being dependent on any single brand, we are able to offer bespoke solutions for a wide range of applications.

    Services related to system procurement

    A radiophone procurement process always kicks off with needs and investment analysis. Our extensive service range offers services that cover the entire process, starting from pre-planning. For instance, we can prepare a radio network plan that serves as the foundation for a bidding process. A comprehensive plan not only helps you prepare a request for offers but also ensures that the offers your receive are comparable, resulting in a seamless, cost-efficient process.

    Services for new customers

    We also offer individual radiophones to customers who already have a radio communication network. From us, you can also buy accessories and spare parts or maintenance services for your devices. We supply accessories, spare parts and equipment manufactured by all known radiophone providers. Our product range includes hearing protection headsets and special equipment designed for hazardous conditions.

    Service and maintenance

    Our comprehensive service concept covers maintenance and service for all radio phone brands and warranty extensions, either as one-off services or under a maintenance agreement.