A specialist in wireless communications

Established in 1992, Bandercom Oy is an expert on radio communications. The company has always been a forerunner in its field: it began export operations in 1994 and launched its online shop the following year, as the first Finnish radio communication company to do so. Today, this Lahti-based business has customers in more than 60 countries.

Bandercom operates directly with its key customer segments and collaborates with its partners to achieve national and international growth. Our operations range from small projects and the sale of equipment to turn-key deliveries and project management, including the design of radio phone networks, consulting, investment analyses and installation work.

As a one-stop shop in radio communications, we also supply receivers and accessories for radio phones, detectors and radio transmitters. Currently, we see the strongest growth in the area of contracting.

Business units

Our business operations are divided into separate business units operating in close collaboration with each other:

  • We sell and rent wireless communication equipment.
  • We produce tailored service packages for end-users, including consumers, companies and the public sector.
  • We operate in partnership with Finnish wholesalers.
  • We import products manufactured by various providers based in more than 10 countries.
  • The majority of our device sales take place online, where you can find about 3,000 products. This business unit focuses on maintaining our online shop, developing its content and functions, and ensuring efficient deliveries. Our sales operations have seen steady growth over the past decade. Our sales operations have seen steady growth over the past decade.

  • We produce communication technology solutions and applications that help our customers boost their productivity and customer satisfaction, ensuring return on their investment.
  • We take care of the appropriate and cost-efficient functioning of the communication system on behalf of our customer.
  • We take responsibility for the functioning of the system from design to commissioning, including maintenance and system development throughout the system’s life cycle.
  • This business unit is responsible for designing and realizing coverage solutions and performing radio system deliveries, with its activities ranging from design to the delivery of turnkey projects. With our system solutions, you can focus on your core tasks to ensure that your business thrives.

  • We deliver communication devices and network components, along with related services, to more than 30 resale, expert and contracting partners in five countries.
  • We operate on the basis of partnership philosophy. Our main principle is to work in close collaboration with our partners in the area of material flow management and to carry out joint customer acquisition and marketing whenever appropriate.
  • We want to buy services primarily from companies participating in our partnership programme. This enables us to create advantages via synergy that we could not achieve through outsourcing.
  • The contracts with our partners are extremely flexible, ranging from individual projects to collaboration lasting for years. As a contract partner, our goal is to offer added value that could not be generated with product delivery activities alone. Maintenance, service, procurement and various annual contracts are the responsibility of this business unit.