News Summer is over
Summer is over

The summer is over – sadly. Finnish summer is full of peculiar summer events. In addition to the rock and pop festivals, there are all kinds of events from high culture to hilarious and somewhat strange competitions. Common to all of the events is requirement for instant two-way communication by event management, event security, production and various other supportive services. Bandercom plays an active role in supporting event organizations to achieve and maintain top-notch communications while on tour. Our rental radio fleet has flown to all of the biggest summer events this year, too. Let’s not forget our customers that regularly trust our outfit for their purchases and repair services to their own radio fleet. Thanks to everybody in the business! We will touch base again next year and before we do; let’s plan even better communication systems for ensuring success, profitability and security of your event. During the winter time our radio fleet will not rest! Contact us if your event is small or big; sport events held outdoors on snow or major openings and events at the mall or hall – The radios will be supplied to you by Bandercom!