Services Installation, Deployment, Commissioning and Roll-Out Services
Installation, Deployment, Commissioning and Roll-Out Services

Bandercom provides following techologies:

  • PMR/LMR (Private and Land Mobile Radio)
  • DMR (Tier 2 & 3, Mototrbo, NextEdge, etc)
  • other RF solutions and systems

We offer a wide selection of services from pre-proposal phase negotiations to procurement and commissioning or full roll-out management.

Our customers are operators, system owners, project management organizations, end-user organizations, supervising consultants, integrators etc.

Our dervices include:

  • Site Survey and Installation Planning Services
  • Site RF Analyzing Services
  • Site Assessment and Installation Planning
  • Voice and Data Capacity Planning Services
  • Customer Specific Applications and Integration with existing or new Systems
  • Installation Services
  • Staffing
  • Supervision Services
  • Deployment Services
  • Verification and Commissioning of the System
  • RF Signal Coverage Confirmation
  • Network & Services Verification of the System
  • Full Roll-Out Management

Additional services:

  • Sourcing (subcontractors, equipment, personnel).
  • Sales Support (technical): exhibitions, meetings, etc.
  • Sales Support (other): exhibitions, meetings, etc.
  • Maintenance
  • Training & Work-shops
  • Site Auditions
  • Site Inventory
  • Trouble Shooting

Please, e-mail for full information package and study cases. Our customers include airport and aviation  management, network operators, large consulting firms, manufacturers, military and police,  retail and wholesale companies and event organizations and event security.