Savox 100M+ Com-unit for the Spiromatic mask

Savox 100M+ Com-unit for the Spiromatic mask

Remember to choose the cable accordiong your radio from a drag-down menu below.

The SAVOX® 100M+ is a compact, durable and waterproof communication unit designed for fire and chemical rescue applications. It provides instant, clear and reliable ”hands-free” communication increasing personal safety and work efficiency allowing full concentration on the actual task.

The SAVOX 100M+ adapts directly to the radio with a heat resistant and rugged adaptor cable equipped with a connector according to the type radio used.

The extra large Push-To-Talk button, situated in front of the mask guarantees secure transmission even in difficult situations. A clear led indicates when the transmitter is activated.

The dynamic microphone is located in front of the mouth, completely protected behind a membrane inside the mask.

The integrated loudspeaker is effective enough to secure clear reception even in high noise environments - especially equipped with the acoustic sound tube.

The intrinsically safe SAVOX® 100M+ is attached to the mask by a single fastening screw from the inside of the mask, making it very simple to maintain.

A heat resistant and rugged connector cable adapts the SAVOX® 100M+ to most types of two-way radios.

The SAVOX® 100M+ complies with the EN 136 standard.


Weight 150g
Size 130x55x65 mm
Material Polykarbonate (V0)
Microphone Dynamic
Impedance appr. 600 ohm
Speaker Impedance appr. 12 ohm @ 1kHz
Connector 7-pole male with thread
Adaptor cable ø 4mm, l=600mm (nominal)
Material: Flame proof PTE, black (V0)
Connector Straight 7-pole female with thread
Radio connector According to brand/type of radio


Temperature range -30...+90°C continuous, min. 120°C temporarily
Ingress protection IP 54 (splash water proof)
Humidity 95% RH, +63ºC for 500 hours
EEx-Classification CENELEC/EEx ib IIC T5/T6 (according to radio)
ESD, EMI immunity Confirms with the ETS 3000 279, 1996



Please, select the correct cable according your radio model from the drag-down menu below.

K11661 Savox100/P50

  • Type: P50(EX), TRX 1012(IS), TRX1010
  • Connector: Ericsson / Niros multi pin
  • Remarks: Straight flash-over proof cable

K11227 Savox 100/GP300

  • Radio: Motorola
  • Type: GP300
  • Connector: Motorola double plug

K11721 Savox 100/Waris

  • Radio: Motorola GP320, GP340/640
  • Connector: Motorola multi pin

K11329 Savox 100/Visar

  • Radio: Motorola
  • Type: Visar
  • Connector: 3,5 mm threaded plug

K11662 Savox 100/Jedi

  • Radio: Motorola
  • Type: GP900
  • Connector: Motorola multi pin
  • Remarks: Straight flash-over proof cable

K11313 Savox 100/F10

  • Radio: Icom
  • Type: F3,F4,F40,F10
  • Remarks: Double pin

Other accessories:

K10458 Savox 100M+ sound tube

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