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Products Overview Two-Way Radios and Accessories
Two-Way Radios and Accessories

Two-way radios

Two way radios can be roughly categorized as follows: Hobby and leisure communications, light professional use and heavy professional use. Inside these categories we supply the right type of radio for you, by selecting the right frequncy band and radio from long-range professional HF, airband and marine radios to license-free radios and everything in between.

VHF- and UHF two-way radios, Digital communicationshm70

We supply two-way radios, equipment and entire systems as well to license-free and licensed frequencies. We offer the equipment for keeping in touch between control room and field personnel, logistics supervising and transportation, factory areas, loading- unloading areas, conveyor systems, person transport vehicles, airport, security, and forestry workers.

Bandercom is willing to be your expert vendor and co-operative partner from planning the radio communication network you need, to the delivery of equipment and full systems.

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TETRA-radio equipmentSepura portable

Bandercom offers indoor coverage solutions for TETRA systems, TETRA base stations and coverage solutions for companies.
We represent the World’s most popular TETRA terminals and equipment made by SEPURA.

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HF- tranceiversTK-90

HF-transceivers are used in professional long distance communications when public telephone lines are not available or for some other reason can not be employed. Users come from military, marine, ministries and some non-governmental organisations.

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Marine-VHF -tranceiversgx1100s

Marine VHF radios are installed in all large ships and most seagoing small crafts. Nowadays portable or fixed Marine VHF radios can also be found on-board even in the inland waterway crafts. The radio is used for a wide variety of purposes, including calling in rescue services and communicating with harbors, locks, bridges and marinas. Marine VHF radios operate between 156 to 174 MHz.

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Airband tranceivervxa300


Airband is the name for a group of frequencies in the VHF radio spectrum (108-137 MHz) allocated in most countries for radio communication in civil aviation. Different sections of the band are used for radionavigational aids and air traffic control. Airband VHF transceivers are installed in aircrafts, airport facilities and ground handling and airport automobiles.

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PMR446 two-way radios are license-free 8-channel UHF-band radios with limited power, which anyone can buy and use. Radios, aimed mainly for leisure communications, are inexpensive and have quite a number of uses, for example baby monitoring. There are more rugged models available for professional and semiprofessional use - made from quality components that can handle more rough use. These radios can be used for example in smaller factories where it doesn’t matter if there are other users on the same channel. Licensed frequencies offer more privacy and are recommended for professional use.


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The big hit from the late 80’s, CB-radios are our favourite! We started selling these license-free radios in 1992, and today we are the most significant wholesale- and specialty trader in Finland. These radios are still widely used in between transportation, convoys, dump trucks, freight offices, and factories.

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