In-building Public Safety TETRA coverage?

Providing public safety coverage in in-building environments is challenging and is always subject to strict regulations and code.

Ensuring that TETRA-based communications will work effectively inside a building no matter how thick the walls, what they are made of, whether it’s in a basement or on the 47th floor of a skyscraper made of glass, end users, particularly the emergency services, want to be confident that they will experience the same coverage inside as they do outside. But does an operator go out of the way to provide coverage in every corner of a building? Ask the simple question of those public safety end users, ‘when and where do you want coverage?’ and the likely answer 99 per cent of the time will be ‘everywhere all the time, please’. But, in terms of cost, this is not optimal and nor is it necessary.

Bandercom as an expert in confined area TETRA and multioperator, multiradio systems will help you to set the proper "milestone requirements" whether you are are the building owner, integrator, engineer, coverage planner or public authority.

It is essential and important that integrators, system providers, network operators and end users co-operate closely and collaborate on the fine details of each and every communications project or deployment, the user needs balanced against cost, to ensure that coverage is exact without overdoing it and filling unnecessary areas with coverage that will never be required or used – and which will be wasted outlay.

Please contact our expert team to learn more how can we help you and walk you thru your in-building requirements and system deployment.

Bandercom Delivers to Finnish Army

Bandercom was awarded a contract to deliver HF-VHF transceivers to Finnish Defence Forces Army Branch. Procurement and tendering took place in fall 2012. The contract will be delivered during 2013. The delivery will be the largest single contract with the Defence Forces thus continuing the technology development path that started in 2008.

New Vertex Standard VX-241 PMR446

Vertex Standard VX-241 PMR446
The Vertex Standard PMR446 collection will have changes in the near future. The VX-351 PMR446 will be cancelled and replaced by the new VX-241 PMR446 radio which will have at least as good quality as previous PMR446 models yet more affordable price than earlier radios. The new easy to use VX-241 PMR446 has the same properties as the previous model but it has lower battery size and no option board capability. The new VX-241 will have a sturdy and rugged design as the other Vertex Standard radios has. The loud and clear 500mW audio makes sure not a single word will be missed even in the noisiest environment.

Vertex Standard has long traditions of making the professional radios. There have been many PMR446 models over the years and among them the VX-146 which broke the unofficial Finnish records of the communication distance of the PMR446 radios. The PMR446 radios are licence free and they are used in many different hobbies and professional uses to provide two-way communications and for enhancing security. The maximum output power is regulated by authorities to 0.5W ERP. It is enough to provide reliable communications to about 2 kilometer radius. Communication distance can be even more than 10 kilometers in good operating conditions.

Bandercom delivers TETRA infrastructure to Helsinki Airport

Bandercom (Finland) has been awarded to deliver TETRA infrastructure and services, TETRA terminals and confined area coverage solutions to Finnish Airport Operator and Maintenance corporation Finavia for Helsinki Airport.

When delivered and installed the system will handle the mission critical communication to
over one hundred subscribers across the busy airport. The system will provide service and coverage to users outside - covering the airside ways, runways and outskirt areas - as well as indoor areas, such as terminals and underground service areas. The deployment of the new system is scheduled for completion by summer 2012.

"Being the first TETRA delivery for Bandercom and first TETRA system roll-out in Finland for almost a decade, the opportunity was to be taken. We partnered up with Rohill (Netherlands) to secure the contract and to implement the 3rd largest operational TETRA network in the country. The Roll-Out will strengthen our position within the emerging digital wireless market" says Pete Peltola (General Manager) of Bandercom.

About Bandercom Oy Ltd

Bandercom is a Finnish telecommunications company specializing in Mission Critical communications. Company focuses on the areas of Wireless Solutions, In-building and on-site communication systems. Offerings range from analysis and consulting to system design and system integration, project management, engineering and implementation, right through to maintenance and support.

About Finavia and Helsinki Airport

Finavia Corporation is a service company that maintains a network of 25 airports in Finland and the air navigation system covering the entire country. Award winning Helsinki Airport (ICAO: EFHK) serves 14.9 million (2011) passengers - and about 90% of Finland’s international air traffic - being the largest airport in the country.

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