News In-building Public Safety TETRA coverage?
In-building Public Safety TETRA coverage?

Providing public safety coverage in in-building environments is challenging and is always subject to strict regulations and code.

Ensuring that TETRA-based communications will work effectively inside a building no matter how thick the walls, what they are made of, whether it’s in a basement or on the 47th floor of a skyscraper made of glass, end users, particularly the emergency services, want to be confident that they will experience the same coverage inside as they do outside. But does an operator go out of the way to provide coverage in every corner of a building? Ask the simple question of those public safety end users, ‘when and where do you want coverage?’ and the likely answer 99 per cent of the time will be ‘everywhere all the time, please’. But, in terms of cost, this is not optimal and nor is it necessary.

Bandercom as an expert in confined area TETRA and multioperator, multiradio systems will help you to set the proper "milestone requirements" whether you are are the building owner, integrator, engineer, coverage planner or public authority.

It is essential and important that integrators, system providers, network operators and end users co-operate closely and collaborate on the fine details of each and every communications project or deployment, the user needs balanced against cost, to ensure that coverage is exact without overdoing it and filling unnecessary areas with coverage that will never be required or used – and which will be wasted outlay.

Please contact our expert team to learn more how can we help you and walk you thru your in-building requirements and system deployment.