As a contractor Bandercom is specilized in engineering and installing solutions for confined area and in-building coverage of various radio and communication networks. We are packed with experience for any radio frequency from 0.5 MHz to 6 GHz and following core technologies:

  • DMR and dPMR
  • Wifi / WiMAX
  • 4G/LTE
  • Broadcast FM

While our full scale contracting service portfolio is mainly focused to our customers in Finland and areas geographically close, we offer a vast range of top notch services to our international clientele.

These services include the following specific topics, but is not limited to:



Please, contact our sales for detailed suggestion as how Bandercom can help you to build your network to operate in confined areas such as harsh environment, tunnels, underground areas, parking lots and shopping malls where required. It is often beneficial to team up with a specialist well before choosing your equipment supplier or contractor.

1. Site Survey and Installation Planning Services

First phase: Surveying the project "Site" as a physical structure, evaluation of possibilities. Reporting and documenting. Consultation of RF engineering and Project Management. Predictive RF modeling sketch to outline further analysis requirements, such as signal strength and multipath phenomena.

These Survey, Analyzing and Planning Services are further subcategorized as follows but not limited to:

a) Site RF Analyzing Services

Full and complete RF analysis of the Site, to provide necessary information to meet and negotiate requirements of the Customer / End User.

Site RF Survey is performed by using a test transmitter and signal strength measurement tools (typically 0.1 - 6 GHz). Site's RF characteristics are confirmed so that the predictive and often coarse RF models can be fine-tuned to represent the real world. Further, basic RF spectrum analyzer sweep is performed to identify the presence of other RF sources of potential interference (RFI).

b) Site Assessment and Installation Planning

All proposed base station equipment, repeater and antenna installation locations are photographed and documented relative to physical installation requirements, cable runs, and applicable safety and regulatory requirements. As required, a complete set of detailed installation instructions can be created.


Installation Services

Any and all parts of System installations are provided and further negotiable on case by case basis.


Qualified and skilled installation staff to perform site installations of in-building and underground systems (typical installation requirements):

Supervision Service

Supervision of Installations carried on-site during work hours, office and back office tasks, draft and scetch -preparations, feasible ad-hoc training of work force to perform necessary tasks, documentation, Customer and End User consultation, participation and representation in Management meetings (ie. Project meetings, subcontractor meetings, etc).


All deployment services to typical RF repeaters and/or Systems. Qualified and skilled staff to perform typical System deployment of in-building and underground systems.

a) Verification and Commissioning of the System

Typically this service is provided to the Owner/Customer/End User of the System or to the Project Management. However, this service is a valuable asset to the Contractor as well.

Services usually include (but are not limited to)

A site walk-through is performed while measuring RF signal strength, BER and multipath phenomena. Areas that do not meet minimum requirements are called out and overall signal levels are reported as annotations on a site plan. (Extend and scale of detailed reporting to be agreed case-by-case).

b) Network & Services Verification of the System

In addition to Coverage Analysis it is essential to test the whole system and network features. In case of TETRA the try-out and reporting shall contain the tests of TMO group calls, circuit switched calls, SDS, possible data applications etc to the required extend. For other technologies, a similar verification process to client's requirements will be set up.