News New Vertex Standard VX-241 PMR446
New Vertex Standard VX-241 PMR446

Vertex Standard VX-241 PMR446
The Vertex Standard PMR446 collection will have changes in the near future. The VX-351 PMR446 will be cancelled and replaced by the new VX-241 PMR446 radio which will have at least as good quality as previous PMR446 models yet more affordable price than earlier radios. The new easy to use VX-241 PMR446 has the same properties as the previous model but it has lower battery size and no option board capability. The new VX-241 will have a sturdy and rugged design as the other Vertex Standard radios has. The loud and clear 500mW audio makes sure not a single word will be missed even in the noisiest environment.

Vertex Standard has long traditions of making the professional radios. There have been many PMR446 models over the years and among them the VX-146 which broke the unofficial Finnish records of the communication distance of the PMR446 radios. The PMR446 radios are licence free and they are used in many different hobbies and professional uses to provide two-way communications and for enhancing security. The maximum output power is regulated by authorities to 0.5W ERP. It is enough to provide reliable communications to about 2 kilometer radius. Communication distance can be even more than 10 kilometers in good operating conditions.